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Nancy Puetz

Nancy is A Writer/Producer and is the President of Tennessee Women in Film and Media, Vice President of Women in Film and Television International, President of the Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission and the Founder of Franklin International Indie Film Festival.

Mission of Tennessee Women in Film and Media

TWIFM is a public, non profit organization engaging people who work in film, television,

and visual media/moving images as professionals.  The focus is on driving advancement


of women in the industry, providing a network to bring the exchange of ideas, work opportunities and to build a

platform to accelerate the professional development of our members.  

Susan McEvoy


Susan is the President of Utah Women in Film and Television and serves on the Executive Board of Women in Film & Television International. She is a Writer/Producer, originally from the Boston area and now resides in Utah.   


Mission of Utah Women in Film and Television

Utah Women in Film and Television cultivates and advances the careers of women working in film and television by providing training, mentorship and networking opportunities for 

our members.  We aspire to bring forward outstanding entertainment industry professionals, promote their successes and advocate for equitable treatment and opportunities for women in Utah.

Kimberly Skyrme

Kimberly is a Casting Director, Producer, Writer, Director and storyteller.  She is the former President of Women in Film and Television International and is the current Vice President of Women in Film Arkansas.

Mission of Women in Film Arkansas

Women in Film Arkansas (WIFA) is the newest chapter of a global organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire women to pursue careers in all areas of cinematic professions.  Through encouraging professional development, providing access to 

networking and enlightening the public about womens' creative and technical achievements,

WIFTA is a tool for women in making their dreams of success in the competitive industry of film a reality.

Lynda Evjen

Lynda is the President of Nashville Women in Film and Television and has been an actress since the age of 8.  She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, but travels for many films.


                              Mission of Nashville Women in Film and Television

Nashville Women in Film and Television is committed to advance professional development & achievement for women working in film, video and interactive media in Nashville.  Beyond the mission of this exclusive organization lays a whole wide world of choices,

circumstance, opportunity, and potential. Inside each participant in and around the organization is fervent discernment, conscience and empathy.

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